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Fragile packing tape

ATF Tape: Custom-Printed Adhesives for Quebec and Ontario

At ATF Tape in Montreal, we design and create the adhesives that will advertise your clients’ names and messages everywhere their products are shipped. Imagine custom-printed packing tape that displays your customers’ name or website to the world!

Custom-Printed Packing Tape

ATF Tape supplies Quebec and Ontario distributors with packing tape printed with any message your customer wants to advertise. Our packing tape seals boxes with flair, allowing your clients to protect their goods without neglecting publicity. Whatever your customer’s message is, we’ll print and supply it in large amounts or small.

Custom-Printed Packing Tape
Quick, Reliable Delivery

Quick, Reliable Delivery

ATF Tape is located in Montreal but we offer our services to distributors in Quebec and Ontario. Because we speak both French and English here, we’re easy to work with. You’ll also find ATF Tape to be extremely reliable in delivering exactly what was ordered on time. Your customers will be delighted with our durable, customized product!

Inexpensive Worldwide Exposure

Whether your customers want to share their name with the world, impart instructions like “Fragile” or simply display a message such as “Thank You” on their orders, let ATF Tape custom-create just what they envision. Contact us today to learn more about the possibilities!

Inexpensive Worldwide Exposure

Personalized Packing Tape

Give visibility to your clients.


Products Tailored to Your Needs

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